Rabu, 18 Desember 2013

Inggris Translate Sunda

  1. Spending alot of time with doing nothing = Ngajedog
  2. Got hit by the truck that is moving backward = Katabrak Treuk
  3. Talk too much about uninportant thing = Ngacapruk
  4. Fall backward and then hit own head = Ngajengkang
  5. Falling forward and may hit own face = Tikusruk
  6. A small sharp thing embedded inside one fingers skin = Kasura
  7. Have much less knowledge = Beleugug
  8. A little chair made from woods = Jojodog
  9. People who always annoy other people = Si kehed
  10. Man or women who has an ugly face = Goreng patut
  11. Just take rest but didn't sleep = Gogoleran
  12. Meals made from rice which is covering by banana leaf and have much of surprise inside        = Leupeut
  13. The situation when your brain need more oxygen = Heu'ay
  14. A women who have hillarious body like a spain guitar = Bahenol
  15. People who have thought more mature than her age = kokolot begog
  16. A type of people who have a long chin = Cameuh
  17. A something that can radiate the sparkling light = Buricak Burinong
  18. A verry small plate usually used for pad of coffe cup = Pisin
  19. There's a little something disgusting in your eyes = Cileuh
  20. That moment when you walking after the rain and mud is splattered on your shoes = Jeblog
  21. People who's talking him self with unhappy face = Kukulutus
  22. Style of walk one day after marriage = Egang
  23. People who doesn't know anything but feel so good = Cileupeung Pisan

    ada yang mau nambahin ????

2 komentar :

  1. Kesimpulannya bahasa sunda itu efektif dan efisien. Ceuk saha urang sunda teu bisa nyebut f? Pitnah ih :V

  2. hahahaha.. hahahahaha... kalau "Poor people but always happy".. bahasa Sunda-nya, apa?